Things that have made me smile | week 47

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Things that have made me smile | 
  1. Having a full week of work with my fiancé just to chill and do nice things together.
  2. Going on a cheeky shopping trip and picking up some lovely new cloths, shoes and makeup.
  3. Hiding from the rain at the cinema watching the new Alice through the looking glass movie.
  4. Having some nights in wit a cheeky takeaway, dominos is slowly becoming an addiction oops. 
  5. Finally having the most wonderful day at my fiancé' dads wedding. I loved seeing my fiancé dressed up and being his dad's best man. We had a wonderful day, ate delicious food and celebrated with lots of wine. 
What has made you smile this week? 

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  1. Girl, domino's IS addicting ;) Their cheese pizza is irresistible haha

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  2. Number 3!! I really want to see that film. I love Alice in Wonderland. What made me smile this week, is going to see Me Before You with a friend of mine and shopping afterwards.