Zoella sweet inspirations pamper routine

Nothing beats getting home from work, running a bath and having a little me time. Zoella's sweet inspirations range is the perfect pamper night companion, the range includes, Bath saltsFizz barBody lotionBath latte and Body fondant. Each smelling of sweet macrons they are relaxing and leave the skin feeling smooth and smelling delicious. 
Whilst running the hot water pour under some of the Bath latte to create lots of lovely scented bubbles for the ultimate bubble bath. Once you have created your perfect amount of bubbles take a handful of the Bath salts and sprinkle them under the running water.
No bath would be complete without a little fizz, break off 3-6 squares of the Le fizz bar and drop them into the hot bath and watch them fizz to create an indulgent bath. 
Light your favourite candle, sit back and relax in the sweet smell and get lost in the mountain of bubbles. 
Once you've relaxed to the point of wrinkles wrap your self in the fluffiest towel, dry of and treat your skin to a deep nourishing using a dollop of the Body lotion. Your skin will be left feeling so smooth and smelling delicious. 
The most luxury part of the pamper routine is giving your skin a glow. The Body fondant comes with a soft coushion to apply the product to your arms and legs giving a healthy, shinny glow to the skin. 

Then relax how ever you wish, I usually make a hot chocolate, grab a snack and watch a little TV. Have you tired any of the Zoella sweet inspirations? You can get 15% off at Feelumique where you can purchase the range by clicking this Link

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  2. Hi Danielle,

    I really like your blogging space! I've been wanting to try the bath latte, and I'm definitely leaning towards purchasing it after reading this post. Thanks for sharing!

    x Nero