Things that have made me smile | week 52

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Things that have made me smile | 

Week 52! I have been writing these posts for a whole year now! Some weeks have been easier than others to find 5 things that have made me smile but never the less each week there has always been things that have put a big old smile on my face. I love writing these posts it really makes me think about the positive things that have happened rather than the negative and gives me a positive mind for the up coming week. I now have all these happy memories that I can look back at and be reminded of, it's easy to remember all of the big things that have happened but been reminded of the smaller things is really nice. I would really recommend writing down 5 things that have made you smile every week and keeping them to look back on a year later, it will defiantly bring a smile to your face. Thankyou for reading these posts every week and letting me know what has made you smile. 

This weeks things that have made me smile are | 
  1. Going out for tea to try a new restaurant with my sister, the food wasn't really to my taste but I tried something new and still had a lovely evening. 
  2. Starting Avon, I love makeup, trying out new products and sharing them with others. I thought I would give Avon a go and you can now order products online and get delivery straight to your door so you don't have as long for your products. You can shop at my online store here I would love you to have a peek, they do some great products. 
  3. Following on from that, I ordered a few makeup bits from Avon, I loved Recieving them in the post and trying them out. You can see pictures on my Instagram and my Avon Facebook page.
  4. Going for a Saturday morning breakfast with my fiancé to our favourite breakfast cafe. 
  5. Having afternoon coffee and cake, going bowling and to the pub to end a lovely Saturday. 
I hope you have had a lovely week, please let me know what has made you smile in the comments and I would love to know if you write down the things that have made you smile. 

Danielle x 

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  1. Can't believe you managed a whole year! Amazing!

    Sounds like a lovely week and congrats on Avon, haven't shopped there in years so may take a look :)

    1. Thankyou I know the year feels like it has gone so fast! Xx

  2. Congrats on starting Avon! I wish you all the best xx

    Edye | Http://

  3. Very exciting on the Avon front, I hope it all goes well for you Danielle :)

    The Makeup Directory