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I love the summer but even with all the SPF the sun still drys out my skin. I'm very pale so I usually have to wear SPF with the slight bit of sun anyway, the cream clogs up my pores and makes my skin oily. 

Regime London kindly sent me a 30 day supply of coconut quench capsules to try out! After taking them for 3 weeks I have already noticed a changed in my skin. I got a bit of sun damage on my face during my holiday which left my skin very dry and flakey, taking two capsules with a big glass of water everyday day after dinner and tea helped by skin restore its moisture, repair and has left my skin with a hydrated glow. 

The capsules contain a blend of coconut water extract and hyaluronic acid which gives your skin a deeper level of hydration! Every time you take the capsules your are increasing your skins moisture content which helps keep the skin healthy, clear and glowing. 

Taking these capsules has given me so much more confidence to not feel like I have to wear makeup everyday but when I do want to wear it I have the perfect base! I am a sucker for not drinking a enough water so taking these tables with a big glass full everyday ensures I am hydrated and the tablets ensure my skin is hydrated too!

A daily intake of 240mg of hyaluronic acid has been shown to significantly increase both facial and whole body skin hydration.*

After just 3 weeks of use, subjects experienced a 6.3% increase in moisture content below the eye and a 5.6% increase at the back of the neck. In addition, 90.9% of subjects noted significant improvements in skin dryness after 6 weeks of use.*

A daily intake of 240mg of hyaluronic acid has also been shown to improve some of the damage caused by the regular use of cosmetics.*

After 6 weeks of use, 100% of subjects displayed improved rash symptoms and 66.7% of subjects actually found it easier to apply make-up, resulting in a smoother and longer-lasting application.*

You can purchase the Coconut quench capsules from the Regime London website or from superdrug for £19.99 for a 30 day supply!

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