Younique mineral pigment powders

Younique has 32 amazing shades of Moodstruck mineral pigment powders with a mixture of mattes and shimmers there is a shade or two out there for you! You can use these gorgeous shades on their own all over your lid to create a subtle look depending on how much product you use. They are easily build-able just start of with a small amount and add more if you won't a bolder colour! 

Like to get creative? Experiment with different shades to create a subtle smokey eye or a bright hold statement look. What would you go for? 

Savvy saver? Would you like to get more for your money? Of course you would, who wouldn't? Well . . . Younique mineral pigment powders are more than just amazing eye shadows! Here's another 5 ways you can use Mineral pigment powders

  1. Nail polish | do you have that favourite colour powder that you just can't get enough of and don't won't to restrict it to just your eyes? Why not turn it into your new favourite nail polish? How? Justin take 1/4 teaspoon of your favourite pigment add it to any clear nail polish, shake and wallah! You have your very own homemade nail polish. If you want the colour to be darker just add more pigment. 
  2. Lip gloss | want that favourite shade to go even further? Turn it into a lipgloss too! The process is just as simple as the nail polish. Just mix your chosen shade of mineral pigment to a clear lipgloss and you have your very own shade of lipgloss. This is great for experimenting with colours and seeing what looks great on you.
  3. Eyebrows | Mineral pigment powders are great for brows too. Find the shade that best matched your brows shade, take a little bit on a angled brush and fill in your brows. Remember a little goes a long way, you can always add more if you need it. Want them to stay on even longer? Add a little rose water to your brush before dipping in the mineral pigment powder. 
  4. Eyeliner | just like for brows mixing mineral pigment powders with rose water will turn it into more of a paste, great for using as eyeliner. Just think of all the eyeliner shades you could create! 
  5. Vibrant colours | want two shades from one product? Just apply eye primer all over your lid first, leave to dry for a minute and apply your chosen pigment. The colour will be more vibrant and bold! 
Can't wait to get experimenting with the moodstruck mineral pigment powders? 
Purchase yours here!
They are just £10 each or 4 for £34. Why not team up with 3 friends and split the cost and bag them for just £8.50 each! That's what friends are for! 

That's 6 ways you can use the moodstruck mineral pigment powders, eyeshadow,nail polish, lipgloss, eyebrows, eyeliner and vibrant colours! 

How will you use yours? 

Danielle x 

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