Lush haul | Autumn and Halloween collection

I love baths all year round but when Autumn comes around there's nothing better than having a hot bubble bath on a cold evening. Lush bring out some of my favourite products this time of year and with Halloween being my birthday I like to get all festive and pick up the Halloween products. 
Monsters ball | £4.25 
Is it possible for a bath bomb to be cute? I think so when it comes to this little guy and his one eye. This is new to lush's Halloween collection this year, he smells of lime and will definitely be a treat in my bath. 
Pumpkin | £3.95
Another new addition is pumpkin, he has a caved face and a smell you will want to last forever. This is one of my favourite scents as it has cinnamon and vanilla in it making a gorgeous sweet smell of baking! 
Lord of Misrule | £3.95 
This is more of a Christmas bath bomb that bursts out a red wine colour when spinning in the bath and let's out a little pop with the pooping candy hiding inside 
Autumn leaf | £3.75
I was most excited to pick up this bath bomb, I love Autumn leaves, the crunch and their colour so I couldn't wait to get this one in my bath. It is light coloured with pinks, greens and yellows and then let's out all the Autumn leaf colours when dropped in the bath! 
Boo! | £3.50 
Boo is an adorable bath melt, that you pop under running water to create a warming mimosa and ginger bubble bath. I've never used a bath melt before but I couldn't resist this one, I'm sure he's going to leave my skin silky smooth! 

That is everything I picked up, if you are a regular lush user you will know they also have the Sparkly pumpkin that they have had for the past few years. As much as I love the scent of this bubble bar the glitter is just abit to much for me and I'm far too lazy to clean the bath out after wards, but it is defiantly worth a try if you haven't used it before. 

Lush also have some lovely Halloween Gift sets that come with lots of these products in, that will make perfect gifts. 

Which one is your favourite? Have you picked up anything from the new collection? 

Danielle x

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Things that have made me smile | week 61

Things that have made me smile | 
  1. Receiving a couple of new lipsticks, I ordered a gorgeous red ready for the festive season. 
  2. Picking up a new Yankee candle, I got cinnamon stick, perfect for winter nights in and I just love the smell of cinnamon. 
  3. Going out for tea with my fiancé's family to celebrate his sisters birthday.
  4. Being treated to some new clothes from my fiancé.
  5. Picking up some of lush's new Autumn and Halloween range, it all smells amazing. 
I hope you have all had a lovely week.

Danielle x

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Autumn boots on a budget

Many of you maybe screaming at this post right now saying it's still summer! Much like most of the summer we do keep getting the odd warm day but I'm taking every opportunity I can to transition into Autumn. I love all the brown, berry and mustard shades be it clothing, nails or makeup. 

When it comes to practical, go with everything boots I am a firm believer in black boots and usually
play it safe with this option. I have many black pairs of shoes, as my partner would say I have too many, but we all know there is room for more even if I do need to take over his wardrobe space. I always feel confident leaving my comfort zone with colours in Autumn and matching my outfits with the crisp fallen leaves on the ground.

Instead of black I opted for a gorgeous mustard brown shade of boots, they look gorgeous with other autumnal colours and are perfect for leaves on the ground Instagram pictures, (I can't be the only one that thinks about these things). The elastic section in the middle of the boot makes them easy to slip on and the perfect fit for any width foot. I'm all about comfort when it comes to shoes, there has been too many times I've had to buy emergency plasters or shoes or just walk around bear footed because my pretty new shoes have destroyed my feet. With no heal, these shoes are so comfortable, great for fresh Autumn walks and go with skirts, jeans, leggings, dresses, anything! 

Where are they from, I hear you cry?! I'm sure most of you will be surprised when I say they are from Primark! And at just £7 they are an absolute steel! They may not last as long as a pair from a more expensive store but for that price I don't mind. I know these will be my go to shoes for Autumn and if  mustard brown isn't your colour they also come in black. 
Danielle x

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Things that have made me smile | week 60

Sunday evening has come round again, it's a night of a hot bubble bath, X-factor and hot chocolate for me. I love a cosy Sunday evening, relaxing and getting an early night before the busy week ahead.  What's your perfect Sunday evening? 

Things that have made me smile | 

  1. Receiving my new eyeshadows and lip gloss, I got some gorgeous autumn shades.
  2. Treating my self to a lush bath bomb, I can't wait for the new Autumn and Halloween products to come out.
  3. Going for a lovely day time walk and afternoon tea my Mr.
  4. Finding a new series to watch on Netflix, it's Orphan Black and it's so good!
  5. Going out for tea with my sisters. 
I hope you've all had a lovely week. 

Danielle x

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Autumn walks | OOTD

The weekend saw the starting signs of Autumn, the rain tapping on the window early on a Saturday morning, hot coffee in bed and breakfast under a blanket. What better way to continue a crisp autumn day then a walk in the fresh Autumn air? 

We have a lovely track that runs down the back of our home, surrounded by trees and nature it makes for the perfect afternoon walk. With Autumn walks come Autumn outfits, I love transitioning from bright colours to, brown, mustard and berry shades. 
Playsuit | Boohoo | £12
Boots | primark | £7
Hat | Boohoo | £8
We then a escaped to a cute little cafe, filled with comfy sofas, live music and had got chocolate with lots of little marsh mellows.

I love summer, but I'm welcoming Autumn with open arms.

Danielle x

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What's made me smile | week 59

It's come to that time again where I reminisce over the past week and pick out some of the things that have put a smile on my face. There not always amazing things but they still put a smile on my face and I think it's so important to remember the good things even if we feel like we've had the worst week ever! Here's what's made me smile this week. . . 
  1. Going back to work and having a catch up with my friends after having 6 weeks off.
  2. Receiving my first autumnal clothing order from boohoo, they have some gorgeous, simple every day dresses and play suits.
  3. Having a little lunch date with my fiancé at the pub then escaping the rain at a quirky little cafe, slumping on a sofa and sipping on hot chocolate and marshmallows.
  4. Exchanging the hot chocolate for wine and having a Saturday night in watching X factor, who needs to go out with X factor is back on the telly box? 
  5. Receiving some free making from the Younique makeup I sell, I opted for a deep purple eye shadow, a nude lip liner and an amazing new face mask! 
I would love to know what has put a smile on your face this week, even it is just having a cup of coffee in peace! Leave me a comment. 

Danielle x

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What's in my makeup bag | September

I hate to say it but for me September draws an end tosummer, the nights are starting to get darker, the bbq's go away for another year and the jumpers start to come out! As much as i love summer I'm definitely more of an autumn, winter girl. I don't know what it is I just feel cosier and happier, I think my birthday, Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas may have a little something to do with it. My wardrobe and makeup bag always get new additions to them when a new season comes around, I've just placed my first order of autumnal shades of cloths. For makeup its time to put those cool pink and nude tones away and bring out the berry and smokey shades. 

The shades Heratbroken and Glamorous are perfect shades for the Autumn months. Heratbroken is a burnt red/brown shade that looks gorgeous all over the lid and blended into the bottom lash line. Glamorous  is a deep purple shade perfect for creating a smokey eye with a pop of colour, it looks lovely blended with a light brown shade in the crease and outer corner of the eye. 

Bronzer is an all year round product for me, in the summer is gives that lovely sun kissed glow but the colder months are when I need it the most. I'm super pale so I need a little bronzing just to makeup sure I don't makeup anyone jump thinking I'm a ghost! The Benefit hoola bronzer is a firm favourite for me it is the perfect shade for any skin colour, blends perfectly and is easily build able.

A berry lip is my absolute favourite! It's bold and striking but in Autumn and winter it is my everyday nude. The Younique lipliner in Pompous is the perfect deep berry purple shade, I outline and fill my lips in with this to create a gorgeous Matt berry lip. If I want it to be a little less drying or have a more glossy finish I just add a little bit of lipgloss in the shade lucky

My skin always get the little bit drier when it's exposed to the cold air and rain. Liz Earle have the best skin care products, I've never used anything else since trying their products. The moisturiser is really gentle on the skin doesn't clog my pores and leaves it feeling super soft. This will be my skins best friend morning and night for the next couple of seasons! 

I never won't to get out of bed anyway but when it's cold I want to stay their for as long as possible and make my morning routine as short as possible. The touch mineral liquid foundation gives amazing coverage you can completely skip the concealer step and it drys with a powder finish so there's no need for powder either. 3 steps in 1 means more time in my warm bed! It's perfect for all skin types and feels like you literally have nothing on your skin but still covers all blemishes dark circles and spots! 

Autumn is all about the smokey eye, the Urban decay naked palette has every nude and brown shade you would ever need. One quick swipe of a brown all over the lid and your good to go but you can get really creative with all the different shades. I love this palette. 

Me and my brows have a love hate relationship, some days they will go perfectly and others I just want to shave them of! The Moodstruck precision brow liner is great at taming those run away hairs and filling in where I shouldn't have plucked! It has a very thin nip which creates little thin lines when you use it to blend in with your brow hairs and make them look really natural. I will become the master of my brows this month! 

What are you going to be adding to your makeup this month? Do you have a Autumn favourite that you use every year? Let me know in the comments I love to have a good old chin wag about beauty products. 

Danielle x

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Things that have made me smile | week 58

Ive been pretty quite on my blog the past couple weeks, I have been off work and just wanted to take some time out for myself and to spend some time with my friends and family. Sadly my summer off is coming to end after today, setting that alarm for 6.30 in the morning is going to be a heart breaker. I'm looking forward to catching up with my work friends and being jealous of my boss's just got back from holiday tan. It feels like my holiday was a life time ago now. Never the less I've had a lovely week again and wanted to get back into the swing of sharing a few of the things that have made me smile this week with you. 
  1. Having a games and take away night with friends and family (there may have also been a couple of glasses of wine) I always get very competitive and love to win! 
  2. Spending the bank holiday in the sun having a picnic, I think the will be the last of the sun we see in a while but I do love Autumn anyway.
  3. Having a stay and home under the blankets movie day. I haven't had a movie day for a while as we usually like to make the most of the weekends and go out and do something but this Saturday I just rained all day so we shut the curtains, turned on the fairy lights grabbed some snacks and blankets and had a cosy movie day in! 
  4. Catching up with friends (more wine may have been involved) you can't beat a girls night with your friends and a couple (maybe more) glasses of wine. Joined by my fiancé at the end of the night because someones got to walk me home.
  5. Going bowling. Bowling is always a fun night, even tho I usually lose (which I did) it just nice to have a laugh, get a little competitive and a throw a ball at some skittles! 
I hope you have all had a lovely summer and have lots of things that have made you smile. 

Let me know one thing that has made you smile this week in the comments. 

Danielle x 

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