Things that have made me smile | week 60

Sunday evening has come round again, it's a night of a hot bubble bath, X-factor and hot chocolate for me. I love a cosy Sunday evening, relaxing and getting an early night before the busy week ahead.  What's your perfect Sunday evening? 

Things that have made me smile | 

  1. Receiving my new eyeshadows and lip gloss, I got some gorgeous autumn shades.
  2. Treating my self to a lush bath bomb, I can't wait for the new Autumn and Halloween products to come out.
  3. Going for a lovely day time walk and afternoon tea my Mr.
  4. Finding a new series to watch on Netflix, it's Orphan Black and it's so good!
  5. Going out for tea with my sisters. 
I hope you've all had a lovely week. 

Danielle x

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  1. Netflix always puts a smile on my face too ;) I don't know if Netflix UK has it, but "The Fosters" is an awesome show!!

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