What's made me smile | week 59

It's come to that time again where I reminisce over the past week and pick out some of the things that have put a smile on my face. There not always amazing things but they still put a smile on my face and I think it's so important to remember the good things even if we feel like we've had the worst week ever! Here's what's made me smile this week. . . 
  1. Going back to work and having a catch up with my friends after having 6 weeks off.
  2. Receiving my first autumnal clothing order from boohoo, they have some gorgeous, simple every day dresses and play suits.
  3. Having a little lunch date with my fiancé at the pub then escaping the rain at a quirky little cafe, slumping on a sofa and sipping on hot chocolate and marshmallows.
  4. Exchanging the hot chocolate for wine and having a Saturday night in watching X factor, who needs to go out with X factor is back on the telly box? 
  5. Receiving some free making from the Younique makeup I sell, I opted for a deep purple eye shadow, a nude lip liner and an amazing new face mask! 
I would love to know what has put a smile on your face this week, even it is just having a cup of coffee in peace! Leave me a comment. 

Danielle x

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  1. Lovely post - I really want to put an order through on boohoo I have so many items in my bag I just need to be realistic and order a sensible amount lol x