Autumn candles DIY

I love, love, love home wear, when ever there's a home wear section in a shop that's where you will fine me! A new season means new home decor! I love exploring the seasons home where sections and swapping bits around in my home. Candles are a must for a cosy autumn evenings, I had a few left over from summer that I hadn't managed to burn down, instead of wasting them I deciding to change them up for autumn. 

You will need | 
Glass candles 
Strong glue 
Extra decorations 

How to | stick and string candle 
This DIY is so easy and so cheap! First of all you need to go for a lovely autumn walk or just pop into your garden and pick up some sticks/twigs. Once you have the desired amount you just glue them all around your candle, you can make them all the same size or have them all different sizes. I kept a few of mine the same size and had a few taller ones sticking up. Once the glue has dried and your sticks are firmly in place you can take your string and warp it around the sticks in the center of your candle as many times as you like, tying a note at the end. You can leave it like this or add a little extra decoration to finish it of. I glued a little wooden heart in the centre of my candle on top of the string. 

How to | string decor candle 
This one is super easy. Take your glue and spread it around your candle to your desired height, I went a 3rd of the way up my candle. Once all the glue is in place, starting from the bottom you just wrap the string around the candle pressing down to ensure it is straight and stuck in place. Once you get to the end of your glue, cut the string of the ball and stick the end down. To finish of my candle I added one of the same wooden hearts as the other candle to the top 3rd of my candle. And it's all done! 

And there you have to super easy and cheap autumn candle DIY's, which one is your favourite? Be sure to tag me in any pictures on instagram and twitter if you try any of these DIY's and let me no if you have and home wear DIY's for me to try out.

Danielle x

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