Pumpkin spice latte

Coffee is something I find my self not being able to live with out, I don't think this is really a bad thing. It's the first thing I do when I wake up in a morning, and taking that first sip is the most satisfying feeling. October is the month that brings my taste buds the much loved pumpkin spice lattes that they long for all summer. I love getting them from the coffee shops but I also want that taste all day everyday.
Baileys released their limited edition pumpkin spice flavour, although I'm not a fan of baileys on its own, in a latte is a whole other story. Now this is a drink for an evening, I no the alcohol content isn't too high In just one latte but I don't think drinking them all day at work would be wise. I just make up a latte from a Sachet and add a shot of baileys pumpkin spice, stir and of course add a pumpkin marshmallow. It tastes delicious and only takes two minutes to make. It is equally as tasty mixed with your favourite hot chocolate. 

What's your favourite coffee shop drink? 

Danielle x

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