A rare Monday off

Mondays are usually the woe to my week, the thought of setting that alarm on a Sunday evening to wake at half past six on a Monday morning to start a busy week off work makes me a little sad. Although I love my job I don't really know anyone that can whole heartedly say they enjoy the sound of the alarm ringing on a crisp Monday morning. 

As I work with children when the half terms roll around I usually get a couple of days off, this one included a Monday which my partner also had of too! Instead of filling the day with lots of plans where we would still have to set that alarm, get up and go!, we opted for a chilled, relaxed Monday. Waking up when we wished, sipping hot coffee in bed whilst we decided what to do with our free day. It was the perfect crisp, not too windy and not too cold autumn day. We dressed in our cosy cloths, winter boots, grab ours coats and headed out to enjoy the day. We went to a local old hall which has some lovely grounds with plenty of space for walking and taking in the sights. We walked round the lovely seanary, taking pictures, talking and laughing not once having to check our phones or the time just getting lost in the nature and each other's company. We threw sticks at conker trees, fed ducks in the pond and chased squirrels. 

As the afternoon crept unpon us so did the cold, we headed for the cafe to shake of the cold, enjoy a light lunch and sip on hot drinks before heading home for a hot bubble and a night in front of the telly wrapped in blankets.

It was a wonderfully lazy Monday, one I will cherish as you don't get many Mondays as nice as this one. 

What would be your perfect Monday?

Danielle x

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