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Skin care has become a big part of my daily routine, I've never really had much of a strict skin care routine before but it has helped my skin so much! Face masks have always a thing I've loved doing once every week or so as a bit of a pamper but I've now seen the full benefits of fitting one into my skin care routine. My skin has cleared up so much, it looks healthier and my makeup stays on for a lot longer. 

The face mask I've recently introduced to my skin care routine is the Younique detoxifying mask, I've never tried a face mask like it before. You just apply a thin layer all over your face and the mask begins to tingle, foam up and bubble! Sounds a little scary but actually feels quite nice and feels like it is really getting to work on my skin. This helps to improve your skins appearance as it contains bamboo charcoal, can tells asiatica leaf extract, boswellia serrated extract, granactive retinoid and willow bark extract. 

I use this 2-3 times a week on an evening, usually when I'm in the bath or just after a shower. You only have to leave it on for 5 minutes so it's really quick and easy to fit into your skin care routine. After You've washed it of you just apply your usually moisturiser and your all done! My skin has never felt more detoxified, it really does clear all of the skin from all the dirt and makeup we out on it daily.

At £38 this face mask is on abit of the pricey side but you get a lot in the tub so you won't be having to buy a new one every week! You can pick it up Here.

Have you been trying out any new skincare products? 

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