Escaping the world

Growing up, reading was one of my favourite things to do, I loved all the Jaqueline Wilson books and of course the set of Angus thongs and perfecting snogging books. As I got older reading was one of the things that I just stopped doing and forgot about, I guess I just got too busy and found watching telly and going on the Internet was the only was to relax.

Now, there is nothing more perfect then sitting on my own for an hour or two, lighting a candle and getting lost in a good book. There's just something about letting your imagination picture the setting rather than just seeing it on a screen. I can quite often see an afternoon slip away whilst drinking numerous hot drinks and reading yet another one last chapter. I find myself really getting into the characters mind frame and getting lost in there world, it feels like my own little escape from the real world where I can get forget about what is going on whether it be good or bad and just get lost in another place. 

When was the last time you picked up a book? Do you have any recommendations?

Danielle x

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  1. Totally agree with you on this, not much can beat a super good book you're into!