London Christmas market

After a long, busy week we wanted to so something fun at the weekend. After searching the Internet we decided on a day trip to London. We booked the mega bus for just £46.50 for 2 returns. We started the day with a costa gingerbread latte before catching the bus at 8.30 am. Upon arrival we went to a quite little pub for lunch and a cheeky beer. After stuffing our faces we headed to Covent Garden to see the Christmas decorations, lights and of course the huge Christmas tree. This made me feel very festive so we headed to the Christmas market.
I love Christmas markets, the stalls, lights and of course festive food and drinks. We walked around stalls stalls and bought a cute personalised Christmas decoration. Even though we hadn't long had lunch we couldn't resist the mini pancakes. There were so many toppings to choose from but we went for Nutella and bounty sauce. They were delicious! On our way out we spotted a photo booth which we just couldn't walk by. It had a sleigh and fake snow and was a lot of fun and completely free including the pictures which was great.
We warmed up with an orange hot chocolate on m&s which just happened to be next door to lush. Oxford street lush is three stories high and and just amazing. They do some Oxford street exclusive products which my lovely finance bought me a few of to put away for Christmas. We then headed home and dove into bed as it was a long but fun and festive day.

Have you been to any Christmas markets yet?

Danielle x

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