Blogmas day 24 | things that have made me smile week 75

Bath bomb | Father Christmas 
Things that have made me smile | 

It's Christmas Eve! I've spent the day relaxing, watching movies and getting ready for family to come round. It's the last post of Blogmas, thank you you to all that have kept up with my posts, I wanted to end on a happy note and let you know what has made me smile.

  1. Finishing work for just over a week, I love my job but sumo thing beats not having to get up to a 6.30am alarm going off every morning.
  2. Following on from the first one, I have loved having some lovely long lie is, coffee in bed and not have to rush up to get ready for something.
  3. Finishing of my advent calendars, I loved everything that it for in my calendars and can't wait to now try out all the products.
  4. Having a few (to many) wines and playing some games at my fiance's mums house, we always have lots of fun and love seeing his sister when she comes home.
  5. Watching movies and listening to and dancing to Christmas songs on Christmas Eve.
I hope you've all had a lovely week and have a very merry Christmas.


Blogmas day 23 | Christmas lights and coffee

It's getting closer and closer to the big day and each day I'm enjoying the lights that little bit more. I love feeling very cosy and festive with the lights on in the evening but there is something magical about getting up the little bit earlier, while its still dark, makeing a fresh, hot coffee and sipping it in front of the telly and the lights twinkling in your front room. 

It's so close to Christmas now and I'm looking forward to so much needed family time. I hope your all ready for Christmas and can relax as much as possible.


Blogmas day 22 | December birchbox

The perfect beauty box to get you through the party month, with the essential makeup products to give your that gorgeous glam look and a couple of skincare products to keep your skin looking fresh after all that partying.

What's inside | 

Ciate London (full size) | fierce flicks eyeliner | RRP £15
WHAT | this felt tip liner is a game changer! The super black formula and precision tip mean everyone can apply a feline flick.
HOW | use the tip of the pen for a fine line, or turn on its side to create a thicker, bolder, finish.

Laura Mercier Caviar stick in Amethyst | RRP £22 
WHAT | opting for a creamy texture doesn't mean you have to compromise on longevity with this ultra-blend able shadow stick?
HOW | Apply to your lid and blend in with finger tips or draw it across the lash line for a smokey effect.

Eye catcher | RRP £8.50
WHAT | wake up with this bio-cellulose mask, infused with vitamin-rich coconut juice and brightening licorice root extract to smooth and de-puff.
HOW | Press on to your under eye Ada for around 15 minutes then remove.

Benefit cosmetics Holla zero tan lines | RRP £19.50
WHAT | for radiant skin this festive season, this gel body bronzer provides a sun kissed, streak free glow for up to 12 hours.
HOW | Apply to the sponge and massage over your body using circular strokes (or mix with a body lotion!) 

Elemis Hydra night cream | RRP £43 
WHAT | bring skin back into balance while you snooze with this replenishing and brightening blend of geranium, ylang ylang and hyaluronic acid.
HOW | Apply to cleansed skin every morning.

You can get your box for just £13 a month including post and packing Here.


Blogmas day 21 | gingerbread chocolate milkshake

Festive drinks are always my fave, always full of favour. Most festive drinks are hot so when I came across these cold gingerbread, chocolate milkshakes I just had to try them. They are absolutely delicious and are perfect for parties and all the family as there's no alcohol involved. 

You will need | 

  • 3 cups hot chocolates, cooled.
  • 3 scoops vanilla ice cream 
  • 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
  • 1/2 tsp ground ginger
  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 
  • Optional: cream and toppings (I would defiantly recommend so delicious
Let's do this! 

  1. Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until well combined.
  2. Pour into cups, I used this really cute glass shapped like a milk bottle.
  3. Top with your toppings, pop in a straw and serve immediately.


Blogmas day 20 | MAC Miriah Carey lipstick

First of all let's just admire that packaging! It's so pretty, that silver sparkle, gold shine and butterfly detail is enough to make any girl fall in love.

This lipstick collection contains five gorgeous everyday shades with a frost or creme sheen finish. Just like Miriah herself the packaging looks very classy and elegant, defiantly one to show case on your dressing table. Once you pull of the pretty, sparkly lid you will reveal one of five shades. 

  1. All I want - frost finish 
  2. Dahhlinggg - creme sheen finish 
  3. Mcizzle - creme sheen finish 
  4. Bit of bubbly - creme sheen finish 
  5. I get so ooc - frost finish 
I managed to pick up the shade Mcizzle which is a pretty, cool, peach shade. Once applied it feels really creamy and soft on the lips and is the perfect your lips but better shade.

The collection also included lots of other makeup products including lashes and eyeshadow but the collection is unfortunately sold out mow. Let me know if you managed to get anything from this collection. 


Blogmas day 19 | mince pie recipe

Tis the season of good will and of course mince pies! I love sitting with the tree lights on, a festive film on, sipping on a hot chocolate and tucking into a mince pie. Why not have ago at makeing your own this year with this simple yet delisious. 

Ingredients | 

-275g plain flour
-40g caster sugar 
-1 orange, zested
-1 tsp salt
-140g cold butter
-2 egg yolks + 1 egg
-411g mincemeat

Lets do this! 

1- Place the flour, sugar, orange, salt and butter into a bowl and rub together untill it resembles bread crumbs.

2- Mix the two egg yolks and 2 tbsp of water together and mix into the flour mixture untill it all comes together.

3- Place the mixture onto a floured surface, form into a ball, wrap in cling film and chill in the fridge for 10 minuites.

4- Pre-heat the oven to 190oc and roll out your pastry onto a floured surface.

5- Cut out 24 circles to fit your cake tin, you can change the shop of the lids if you wish, I changed mine to stars.

6- Grease your tin and add a circle of pastry to each hole.

7- Add a teaspoon of mincemeat to each one but don't overflow. Dampen all the edges with a little water and place the left over pastery circles on top.

8- Pinch the edges together to seal the pies and put a small hole in the top of each one. Brush with egg yolk and bake for 20 minuites untill golden.

9- Leave to cool completely dust with icing sugar and serve! 

Have you ever made mince pies before? 


Blogmas day 18 | things that have made me smile week 74

bath bomb | Golden wonder
Things that have made me smile | 

This week seems to have gone from bad to worse, but I still want to keep these posts positive and I've still had some happy times this week.
  1. Receiving lots of lovely gifts for Christmas from the children and their parents at work.
  2. Munching on a Delicious burger from five guys with my sister and fiancé.
  3. My gorgeous new MAC Miriah Carey lipstick arriving, a blog post will be up this week.
  4. Visiting my local garden centre to take in all the festivities. 
  5. Having a chilled weekend, filled with coffee, chocolate and movies. 
I hope you've had a lovely week, I can't believe it's is so close to Christmas! 


Blogmas day 17 | hot chocolate with all the trimmings

It's a known fact that winter is for all the hot chocolates ever! Ones that warm your body night from your fingers to your toes. I can drink hot chocolate all day long as a sweet morning treat, in an afternoon with biscuits and a cosy evening treat by the fire. Any hot chock age will do but I have been loving the Nesquik one, it tastes amazing! For me a hot chocolate isn't a hot chocolate with out all of the trimmings. Piling high the squirty cream, sprinkling on marshmallows, dipping in a flake and adding a mini candy cane for the festive season. 

Mmmm, delisious.


Blogmas day 16 | super soft skin

It's so cold outside! We have defiantly hit winter and the only way to warm up is a hot bubble bath. Lush bath bombs and bubble bars always make my skin feel so nourished and soft. I used the Golden wonder bath bomb which also creates the most colourful bath ever! 
Once I'm fully relaxed in the colourful bath of dreams I wash myself with Zoella beauty bath latte which looks absolutely good enough to drink, but I wouldn't suggest doing this! I would however suggest using it on your skin as it smells amazing! 
My skin gets so dry this time of year so I really do go full on with the moisturising routine. The botanical collection, soothing lavender gift set from Liz Earle is perfect for those skin care needs. It includes a body butter, hand cream and a sweet little note book. The soothing lavender scent is great for nourishing your skin and even better for your senses. I just rub the body butter all over my body adding a little extra to those dry areas like elbows, knees and heels. I then take a small amount of hand cream, which I usually have to dig from my handbag as I love to take it every where with me, and rub it into my hands. 
Once my skin is fully nourished I get cosy in some super soft pj's and relax for the evening. 


Blogmas day 15 | glittery nails

If you can't wear glitter on your nails at Christmas when can you? I love to add a little sparkle this time of year just to add a little bit of Christmas magic. Although I love glitter I believe a little goes a long way. I like to cover just one nail, usually my ring finger completely in glitter and leave my other nails a plain festive colour like red. This shows of the festive glitter without it being to much. Barry M do an great range of festive and glittery nail polishes. 


Blogmas day 14 | mens gift guide

For me men can be the hardest people to buy for, I always struggle to buy gifts for my dad, men's secret Santa's and my sisters boyfriend. I've out together a little gift guide I case any of you have the same difficulty. 

1- socks! | socks has to be one of the most standard presents to get a man but I feel like they are always in need of them. I get my finance a set of nice, new socks every year.

2- Wooden watch | A luxury item for that special someone, these watches are made from beautiful types of wood and would make a great unique gift.

3- Aftershave | Most men like to smell nice, makeing aftershave a perfect gift, find or the signature scent or pick out one you think they will love. 

4- The book of everyone | these books are perfect for dads and grandads, you just type in there name and date of birth and the website creates there very own personal book filled with pictures and facts about there age and when they were both. They are really interesting to read and lovely to look back at. 

5- PlayStation game | If your man is like mine they will have multiple game consoles that new games come out for all the time. Pick one up on their wish list and your on to a winner. 

I hope this has helped you find a gift for those awkward men in your life. 


Blogmas day 13 | women's gift guide

I have all my presents bought, wrapped and under my tree. I like to be very organised but just in case you still have a few gifts to buy and needs little help with some ideas, I've put together a little gift guide for those special women in your life, weather it is, mum, grandma, sister or girlfriend you can't go wrong with any of these gifts. 

1- Barry M nail varnish set | Nail varnish is something most women use all year round. This little set contains two pretty nail varnishes that will make a perfect stocking gift or secret Santa present. It is currently a FREE gift when you spend £7 or more on Barry M products at superdrug. You can get a couple of other gifts sorted and then get this free! Or even a little treat for yourself. 

2- MAC Lipstick | A luxury lipstick will make most women feel special, there are so many shades to choose from there will be one for every women in your life. And if your not sure just go with a simple nude/brown/pink shade.

3- Zoella lifestyle socks and candle gift set | the zoella lifestyle range is perfect for every women on your Christmas list. I don't know anyone that wouldn't appreciate some cosy socks and a lovely scented candle. 

4- Liz Earle Gift set | Liz Earle is a lovely skin care range that caters for all skin types. It's perfect for removing makeup fully and for looking after your day to day skincare needs. You can get products for your face, hands, feet and body and you can also get scented candles and perfumes.

5- Yankee candles | candles are something you will find in most women's homes. Yankee candles do almost all the scents you can think of and in different sizes, there will be something for everyone. 

6- Daniel Wellington Watch | this is more of a luxury item but is perfect if you really want to treat somebody. They are simple yet elegant and will look pretty on anyone's wrist. 

7- Urban decay naked palette | from a choice of five palettes I'm sure you will find one filled with those perfect shades. If your not sure which palette would be best the naked palette is full of natural, nude, brown everyday shades. 

8- perfume | perfume is something everyone wears and most will their favourite scent, find out their favourite scent or pick one you think they will love. 

9- Lush bath bomb | lush have so many festive bath products to choose from and have out together gift sets in everyone's price range and they are already wrapped so they've done all the hard work for you. They don't have a bath? Lush also do many shower, skincare and hair are products to. 

10- slippers/pj's | everyone loves to be cosy in the winter months and let's face it Christmas isn't Christmas without receiving some new socks or pj's. 

I hope you found some of these ideas helpful, have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? 


Blogmas day 12 | festive makeup look

When December comes around I love to rock a red lip all month. I love to wear it with a pretty gold smokey eye to make the lip colour really stand out. Here is the makeup look I have been wearing most of December and will continue to wear. 
Base | 

A primer is always needed, especially when I'm wearing a full face of makeup, it just keeps ,y makeup in place for so much longer. The touch mineral liquid foundation starts as a liquid but drys and sets with a powder finish. The coverage is amazing! It just covers all my flaws and dark circles but it feels so light on my ski, like I'm wearing nothing. I use the benefit concealer to cover my dark circles and the mineral concealer to set all the base in place and cover any missed blemishes. 
Cheeks | 

The MAC st one cream is a much loved item that I have fallen back in love with. I just apply a small amount to the tops of my cheek bones and rub it in. This gives a gorgeous natural glow. I then contour my cheeks, nose and forehead using benefits hola bronzer,this is perfect for all skin tones. I just added a little bit of colour to my cheeks using benefits rockature and highlighting other areas of my face with the sleek palette.

Eyes and brows | 

I love a smokey eye but because it's the festive season. I like to add a little sparkle. I start my eye makeup look using the shade cooper from the naked 2 palette all over my lid and add little bit of snake it in the outer corner and crease. To give my lashes lots of volume and length I use my all time favourite mascara, Maybeline lash sensational. My brows are simple I just comb through them and fill in any gaps using the maybelline brow pencil. 

Lips | 

I couldn't finish of a festive makeup look without a red lip. I just apply MAC shade ruby woo on my top and bottom lip, smudge together and my makeup is complete. 

Do you have a classic festive makeup look? 


Blogmas day 11 | things that have made me smile week 72

Bath bomb | Luxury lush pud
Things that have made me smile | 

I have been writing these posts for a while now, 72 weeks to be exact. That is a lot of happy memories and times to look back on and remember that there is always good things happening. I have always said that no matter what happens in the week there is always something to smile about and this week has really tested that the most. Unfortunately late Friday evening we lost my family dog, who really was a member of our family. Although he had reached a good age, 13, you can still never really expect it. It has been a sad weekend for us but we have still made happy memories and it's always important to try and cheer ourselves up even at the worse of times. Although I don't feel like much has made me smile this week, when I look back before Friday night there are still 5 things that made me happy. 

  1. Finishing work a little early on Wednesday and going shopping with my sister just to get those last minute Christmas presents.  
  2. Going to Nottingham Christmas market, it was very busy but still very festive.
  3. Having an unexpected Friday off work, I got to have a lie in, go for Christmas lunch with my sister and spend that little extra time with my dog. 
  4. Wrapping the last of my presents, I like to be very organised so having them all bought and wrapped ready to be handed out makes me very happy.
  5. Having the most chilled Sunday I have had for ages. I didn't bother with doing my hair or make up, I put on a festive jumper some Christmas songs and chilled all day. Ending it with a festive movie, face mask and glass of wine whilst sat in a hot lush bath in the early evening. 
I hope you have all had a lovely week.


Blogmas day 10 | DIY Pinecone garland

Decorating my home at Christmas is one of my favourite things to do. I try to put up as many decorations as possible and love making my own. This pine come Christmas garland is so easy to make but looks so pretty and festive. 

You will need | 

Pinecones (any size)
Extra embellishments if desired 

Method | 

Tie the sting to the top of the pine ones adding one at a time until your reach the length you won't. If you would like to add extra embellishment you can add these I between your pine ones. I added some  some cinnamon sticks, dried orange and fake holly. You can then display it around your home or add it to your Christmas tree.

It's that simple! Let me know if you have any decoration DIY's. 


Blogmas day 9 | Terry's chocolate orange cookies

I love Terry's chocolate oranges, I currently have 3 in my cupboard ready to be demolished! When I spotted a recipe for terms chocolate orange cookies I just couldn't resist. They tastes so delicious and chocolaty, perfect with a hot chocolate or glass of milk whilst watching a Christmas movie. 

You will need | 

- 125g butter 
- 100g granulated sugar 
- 100g light brown sugar 
- 1 egg beaten 
- 1 tsp vanilla extract 
- 25g cocoa powder 
- 175g self raising flour 
- 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda 
- 1/2 tsp baking powder 
- 1/2 tsp salt 
- zest of half a medium orange 
- 250g Terry's chocolate orange 

Method | 

1. Preheat the oven to 190oc and grease two baking trays.
2. Mix together the butter and sugar until light a fluffy.
3. Mix together the egg, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, flour, bicarbonate of soda, baking powder and salt. Mix until you form a thick dough.
4. Chop the Terry's chocolate orange pieces up and mix them into your dough along with the orange zest.
5. Spoon the mixture, evenly spread out. You can use an ice cream scoop for even sized portions. 
6. Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes. 
7. Leave to cool and enjoy! 

Let me know if you make these delicious cookies! 


Blogmas day 8 | DIY Gift tags

Gift tags give a lovely personal touch to a gift and is the first part of the gift a person goes to before ripping open the packaging. Why not make them pretty and personal? If you like to do a little crafting or love wrapping presents than these will be perfect for you. 

1. Cut out a festive shape from coloured or festive paper and simple glue it to a plain or coloured piece of card.

2. This one is super simple, but looks very cute. Just add so cute, simple Christmas embellishments form your local craft store and arrange them how ever you wish on a piece of card shaped like a tag.

3. Use festive coloured buttons on plain card to create Christmas baubles. Stick them in place and draw a bow on top of them with a line going to the top of your card.

Let me know if you make any of your own presents tags. 


Blogmas day 7 | lush haul

Lush do so many amazing bath products all year round but they really pull it out of the bag at Christmas time. I couldn't let the festive season slip buy without indulging in so,we festive bath bombs and bubble bars.

Products |
  1. Northern lights | This bath bomb is a different shape and full of light. With this bath bomb you are guaranteed a sighting of the northern lights.
2. So white | A twist on last years classic so white bath bomb, this year they have added a pretty      green leaf to the top. You'll be sure to love this apple scented bomb.
3. Luxury lush pud | A traditional festive pudding with a colourful twist. This is the perfect sweet treat to end a festive day.
4. Shoot for the stars | a relaxing night sky is a lovely evening treat. The blue fills your bath while the golden stars melt aways.

5. Never mind the ballistics | these bright colours remind me of the pretty festive lights. The lime and sweet orange scented are more than enough to get the scents going.
6. The Christmas penguin | when the weather is super chilly warm up,like a huddle of Penguins in a hot bubble bath. Use this bubble bar all at once or a little at a time to create the perfect bubble bath.
7. Santasaurus | you can't get more festive or more cute than this dinosaur wearing a Christmas hat. Twirl him under your running tap to create endless festive coloured bubbles.
8. Jester | I love the bubble bars that come on sticks as they are so easy to use but their even better when they have bells on them. Run this jester under the tap and fill your bath with lovely sweet smelling bubbles. 



Blogmas day 6 | winter morning routine

In the week my morning routine is so quick and easy as I rush out the door to head to work. At the weekend I like to spend a little more time getting up and getting ready for the day. 

The best thing about getting up on a weekend is not having to set an alarm. I usually wakeup around 8.30 and 9.30 then I lounge around scrolling through social media and drinking coffee in bed.

When I can drag myself from the warmth and comfort of my bed I go to wash my face and brush my teeth. I love the Liz Earle cleanse and polish it gives my skin a deep clean removing any dirt that is there. 
When I'm in no rush to get ready I like to do a face mask. The Younique, detoxifying mask has been my go to face mass. This bamboo charcoal mask soaks up toxins and impurities and gently exfoliates with a foaming and tingling sensation. You only need to leave this mask on for 5 minutes for it to work its magic so it's the perfect morning face mask.

To finish my skin care I will tone and moisturise with the Liz Earle toner and moisturiser.
When I have time I love to have a morning bath. A lush bath bomb is always the perfect bath companion. The Shoot for the stars bath bomb is one of my favourites as the star oils melt and are super nourishing for the skin.
Body butter is the perfect way to end a relaxing bath. The Zoella double creme body cream leaves the skin feeling super soft and smelling amazing.

I then pick out my outfit for the day, you can see one of my go to winter outfits here. I then make my bed, light a candle, make another coffee and do my hair and makeup for the day. Once ready we start our day, we usually go for lunch then a little shopping.

What do you like to do on a weekend? 

Danielle x

Where you can find me | 

Blogmas day 5 | December birchbox with bloom and wild

What could be better than a festive birchbox and bloom and wild collaboration to get you in the Christmas spirit and give you some gift ideas.
Birchbox are a company that provide us beauty addicts with new products to try every month and Bloom &Wild are a letter box flower delivery service. Why not treat yourself this Christmas or send someone an early Christmas gift. Bloom & Wild ensure that it fits through the letter box so there's no need to worry about the reciever being in which is super convenient and will be a great surprise.
Inside the package you will receive |

The Birch tree | A real festive, cute evergreen tree.

Caudalie instant detox mask | 
WHAT - revitalise tired, lacklustre, complexions with this purifying treatment mask.
HOW - once a week, smooth onto clean skin, leave for 10 mins then rinse away.

Rituals the ritual of Sakura body cream | 
WHAT - a soothing blend of rice milk and sweet cherry blossom nourishes skin from top to toe.
HOW - massage into your skin daily 

Benefit the POREfessional | 
WHAT - diffuse pores and fine lines for an airbrushed finish with this much-loved oil-free primer 
HOW - pat a fine layer onto clean skin before applying your makeup 

Lord and Berry lipstick | 
WHAT | there's nothing more festive than a classic red lip - and this pillarbox shade is perfect! 
HOW | apply straight from the bullet for a party-ready pout

Givenchy love irresistible Eau de parfum | 
WHAT | you'll be instantly uplifted thanks to joyful hints of pineapple and spicy rose 
HOW | dab onto wrists and neck 
Each product comes with festive red ribbon on so you can hang them from your tree. This is a perfect pre Christmas gift or treat and will make your home perfectly festive. 

You can purchase yours Here


Blogmas day 4 | things that have made me smile week 71

Bath bomb 
Things that have made me smile | 
  1. Going to my first blogging event with Bailey of Sheffield, they shared some of there products with us, gave us a few free cocktails, and a lovely goody bag at the end. 
  2. Having a chilled end to the week with a KFC, bottle of wine and festive movies. 
  3. Going for our work Christmas day out, we had a delisious afternoon tea, all of the festive hot drinks and did a little shopping. 
  4. Going out for tea and going bowling, although I, not very good at it at all. 
  5. Going to my mums house for a huge Sunday lunch, and to put up their tree and Christmas decorations, 
I hope you've had a lovely week and are starting to feel very festive.