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Things that have made me smile | 

I have been writing these posts for a while now, 72 weeks to be exact. That is a lot of happy memories and times to look back on and remember that there is always good things happening. I have always said that no matter what happens in the week there is always something to smile about and this week has really tested that the most. Unfortunately late Friday evening we lost my family dog, who really was a member of our family. Although he had reached a good age, 13, you can still never really expect it. It has been a sad weekend for us but we have still made happy memories and it's always important to try and cheer ourselves up even at the worse of times. Although I don't feel like much has made me smile this week, when I look back before Friday night there are still 5 things that made me happy. 

  1. Finishing work a little early on Wednesday and going shopping with my sister just to get those last minute Christmas presents.  
  2. Going to Nottingham Christmas market, it was very busy but still very festive.
  3. Having an unexpected Friday off work, I got to have a lie in, go for Christmas lunch with my sister and spend that little extra time with my dog. 
  4. Wrapping the last of my presents, I like to be very organised so having them all bought and wrapped ready to be handed out makes me very happy.
  5. Having the most chilled Sunday I have had for ages. I didn't bother with doing my hair or make up, I put on a festive jumper some Christmas songs and chilled all day. Ending it with a festive movie, face mask and glass of wine whilst sat in a hot lush bath in the early evening. 
I hope you have all had a lovely week.


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