Blogmas day 14 | mens gift guide

For me men can be the hardest people to buy for, I always struggle to buy gifts for my dad, men's secret Santa's and my sisters boyfriend. I've out together a little gift guide I case any of you have the same difficulty. 

1- socks! | socks has to be one of the most standard presents to get a man but I feel like they are always in need of them. I get my finance a set of nice, new socks every year.

2- Wooden watch | A luxury item for that special someone, these watches are made from beautiful types of wood and would make a great unique gift.

3- Aftershave | Most men like to smell nice, makeing aftershave a perfect gift, find or the signature scent or pick out one you think they will love. 

4- The book of everyone | these books are perfect for dads and grandads, you just type in there name and date of birth and the website creates there very own personal book filled with pictures and facts about there age and when they were both. They are really interesting to read and lovely to look back at. 

5- PlayStation game | If your man is like mine they will have multiple game consoles that new games come out for all the time. Pick one up on their wish list and your on to a winner. 

I hope this has helped you find a gift for those awkward men in your life. 


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