Blogmas day 16 | super soft skin

It's so cold outside! We have defiantly hit winter and the only way to warm up is a hot bubble bath. Lush bath bombs and bubble bars always make my skin feel so nourished and soft. I used the Golden wonder bath bomb which also creates the most colourful bath ever! 
Once I'm fully relaxed in the colourful bath of dreams I wash myself with Zoella beauty bath latte which looks absolutely good enough to drink, but I wouldn't suggest doing this! I would however suggest using it on your skin as it smells amazing! 
My skin gets so dry this time of year so I really do go full on with the moisturising routine. The botanical collection, soothing lavender gift set from Liz Earle is perfect for those skin care needs. It includes a body butter, hand cream and a sweet little note book. The soothing lavender scent is great for nourishing your skin and even better for your senses. I just rub the body butter all over my body adding a little extra to those dry areas like elbows, knees and heels. I then take a small amount of hand cream, which I usually have to dig from my handbag as I love to take it every where with me, and rub it into my hands. 
Once my skin is fully nourished I get cosy in some super soft pj's and relax for the evening. 


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