Blogmas day 2 | Putting up the tree

You can't get more festive than putting up the tree. I am one of those overly festive, overly excited people that put up there tree pretty early. There's nothing more perfect than putting on a Christmas jumper, a festive film or music and decking out your home with all the Christmas decorations.
Decorations are what make the tree personal to you. This is mine and my finance's 3rd Christmas together in our own home. Each year we like to add a decoration to our tree, this year we bought a personalised decoration from all dons Christmas market. We added this a sort of centre piece to our tree. 
Once all the decorations are up, I like to make a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, but on some cosy, festive pj's and watch a Christmas film with the lights twinkling in the background.


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