Blogmas day 24 | things that have made me smile week 75

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Things that have made me smile | 

It's Christmas Eve! I've spent the day relaxing, watching movies and getting ready for family to come round. It's the last post of Blogmas, thank you you to all that have kept up with my posts, I wanted to end on a happy note and let you know what has made me smile.

  1. Finishing work for just over a week, I love my job but sumo thing beats not having to get up to a 6.30am alarm going off every morning.
  2. Following on from the first one, I have loved having some lovely long lie is, coffee in bed and not have to rush up to get ready for something.
  3. Finishing of my advent calendars, I loved everything that it for in my calendars and can't wait to now try out all the products.
  4. Having a few (to many) wines and playing some games at my fiance's mums house, we always have lots of fun and love seeing his sister when she comes home.
  5. Watching movies and listening to and dancing to Christmas songs on Christmas Eve.
I hope you've all had a lovely week and have a very merry Christmas.


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