Blogmas day 8 | DIY Gift tags

Gift tags give a lovely personal touch to a gift and is the first part of the gift a person goes to before ripping open the packaging. Why not make them pretty and personal? If you like to do a little crafting or love wrapping presents than these will be perfect for you. 

1. Cut out a festive shape from coloured or festive paper and simple glue it to a plain or coloured piece of card.

2. This one is super simple, but looks very cute. Just add so cute, simple Christmas embellishments form your local craft store and arrange them how ever you wish on a piece of card shaped like a tag.

3. Use festive coloured buttons on plain card to create Christmas baubles. Stick them in place and draw a bow on top of them with a line going to the top of your card.

Let me know if you make any of your own presents tags. 


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