Things that have made me smile | week 82

I've been a little shut off from the online world and have enjoyed a social media, work free week, yes that's right WORK FREE! A bliss 11 days off full of coffee in bed, lie ins till lunch time and lots and lots of delicious food //tomorrow marks day one of post week off detox//. 

Things that have made me smile . . .

One. . . / Going on a much needed night out. Did I drink too many cocktails? Yes. Did I stay up till the sun came up? Yes. Did I regret it all when my head was banging the next day? Of course, but those are the best nights and it felt good to let my hair down. 

Two. . . / A trip too the zoo, seeing all those cute animals is enough to put a smile on my face. The monkeys are always in appropriate but still cute. 

Three. . . / Going to flamingo land, I knew I didn't like rides but I still went anyway and yes it confirmed it I don't like rides, I don't like heights and my feet should be firmly on the ground. That being said I still had fun cycling, pooing my pants on the children's rides and nearly getting pooed on by the birds in the zoo area. 

Four. . . / Staying in bed all day and binge watching Netflix, can we just say how good 13 reasons why is and how hard it hits you in the feels. Riverdale and Girlboss are also great watches. 

Five. . . / Spending a sunny Sunday walking to a lovely little pub, eating my weight in roast dinner and chocolate fudge cake before returning home to eat the last of my Easter eggs and watch more Netflix.

And that's my week all wrapped up, it's one of the best I've had in a while. I hope you've all had a lovely week. 

Danielle x 

Things that have made me smile | week 81

It's been a busy old week again, full of work, fun and laughter. We've had a couple of sunny days and the daffodils are popping up everywhere, Spring is creeping up on us but were not quiet there yet. I love seeing the flowers everywhere they always put a little smile on my face. 

Other things that have made me smile . . .

1// Going to Aqua Zumba fitness class, I know I know I start a diet every Monday and never stick to it but I'm holding throwing in a little exercise will help keep that Monday motivation. The class is actually pretty fun too, silly moves that no one can see you mess up (believe me I mess up a lot) because your under the water. 

2// Pub quiz, this is the second time we've been now and our knowledge has not improved, we came last but we had fun getting to last place, and so,e points are better than none right? 

3// Doing a little shopping, I bought Ed Sheeran's new albums on vinyl and can we just all take a minute to appreciate how amazing it is!! There's not a single song on there that I don't LOVE! 

4// Having a Saturday date night in (cheesy I know) we cooked food, drank wine (obvs) and watched a movie with popcorn, PERFECT. And all in the comfort on my pj's! 

5// Having a very slow Sunday, it's all about the lay ins, coffee and food.

I hope you all have a lovely week.

Danielle x

Too faced sweet peach glow

The makeup addiction seems to be becoming very real atm, all the new releases keep coming and every single time I get sucked in (it doesn't take a lot) but the sweet peach scent from too faced has completely stolen my heart. It started with the sweet peach eyeshadow palette (Post here) and has now continued to the Sweet peach glow palette. I mean come on it's so pretty and that scent! // I'm that crazy person always sniffing her makeup palette. //
Too faced certainly didn't skimp on the packaging, it has the same super cute peach packaging as the eyeshadow palette but it's the inside they really went to town with. The highlight and bronzer are covered in the cutest little peaches and the pretty, pink blush has a large peach with the sweet peach logo. So girly, and pretty.
I have to admit when swatched on the fingers the products show up very pigmented but when applied onto the face with a brush it isn't as pigmented but you can easily build it up making it easy to have a toned downed look or full on glazed doughnut // can you ever really have too much highlight? // the bronzer and and the blush are more for us pale beauties as they are on the lighter side but the highlight will have any skin shade sparkling. It's really pretty and will look gorgeous when that sun we've all been missing finally makes an appearance. The blush is a soft pink that gives a little hint of colour, I just lightly apply it to the apple of my cheeks and I'm all good to go. I'm always looking for that sun kissed glow, a light dusting of the bronzer and I've been been on holiday for a week. // I wish I just burn in the sun // but it does give a lovely natural sun kissed glow. 
If you have lighter toned skin I would defiantly recommend this palette, it brightens the face beautifully but looks so natural. I would still give it a go if you have darker skin but it may take a little experimenting. // If you do try it let me know how you get on. // 

Do you have the peach bug yet? 

Danielle x 

Benefit, they're real, big sexy lip kit

Benefit are making our lives a lot easier by combining lipliner and lipstick all in one product, just one  swipe and your done! Perfectly packaged in the classic they're real packaging and they even have minis, so cute. Lured in as I always am by the pretty packaging and anything that's says new, I picked up a set of the sweet little minis, for £25.50. I loved the thought of getting to try four shades and let's face it who ever gets to the end of a lipstick anyway? 
The pretty teardrop shop makes it so easy to apply, the liner is at the top and the lipstick at the bottom. The liner really defines the lips and the lipstick plumps them, giving that full looking pout that I try to achieve on a daily basis. 
Let's get down to the nitty gritty, the shades! Four Spring worthy shades to brighten up this dreary winter. We have || Flame Game = An orangey//red shade || Pink thrills = A pretty pink perfect for Spring || Revved-up Red = A light bold red || Lusty rose = A natural pink//nude shade. 
Why not cut a little time out of your morning routine, grab a couple extra ZZZ's and rock a pretty lipstick in just one swipe? What colour would you rock? 

Danielle x 

Pretty pastle shades | OOTD

March is upon us (not sure how but we won't go into that) and I'm sooooo ready to ditch that winter coat, as pretty as it is I want a little sunshine. I love all the Spring pastel shades and not having to put on a thousand layers just to leave the house. We're getting there but we're not quite there yet, but this tesco blush pink jacket is perfect to just throw on over any Spring outfit. It's warm but not to warm that you want to rip it of the minute you step in the sun. The colour is a prefect Spring pink and lightens up any outfit.
A dress is the perfect transitional piece, you can team it with tights when there's still a chill in the air or wear it without when the sun shinning (and you've managed to shave your legs after the winter). I love the colour of this Zara stripped pastel blue dress, and the difference of length from the front to the back, perfect for short girls like me.
My pretty Palm tree cross body bag just shouts out summer, I mean it has a frikin palm tree on it if that doesn't say summer I don't know what does! It ties this outfit together perfectly and fits in with the pastel theme I seem to have going on. 
I feel in love with these Black bug ankle boots the moment I saw them, in fact at first I didn't even realise they had bugs on them I just loved the sliver detailing. The small heel gives me that little bit of height I so desperately need but they are so comfortable I can walk all day in them.
Have you started transitioning into spring yet? 

Danielle x 

A weekend away

Nothing beats a relaxing weekend away.... Not having to cook//clean//or even get dressed if you don't want to. What could be more PERFECT than a jacuzzi bath in your en suite bathroom to a room that has THE comfiest bed. Usually nights away to hotels for us a full of busy, exciting things and there's never much time for relaxing. We'd had our eye on this hotel for a while and after a busy stressful time of Liam changing jobs and is moving homes we decided we needed this relaxing weekend now more than ever. 

The hotel was decorated beautifully, the food was AMAZING, think after eight cheesecake washed down with a bright red strawberry daiquiri and the jacuzzi bath was a bubble haven. 

The Grand St Leger hotel, is the perfect place to hibernate in the jacuzzi tub until your wrinkling, and dress up all pretty to go downstairs and eat amazing food a drink pretty, fancy drinks. 

Have you stayed at any pretty places lately? 

Danielle x

Clinique, crayola chubby stick

How cute and nostalgic are the Clinique crayons chubby stick? The packaging is the cutest thing I just love how they have been designed to look just like everyone's favourite crayons. It just shows how we've gone from colouring outside the lines to perfect out makeup looks. This one is defiantly one for the makeup bag and not for your pencil case. They came in eight pretty shades ranging from nudes-pinks-purples//Browns. Although I love a matte lip these tinted balms are super nourishing and give a super pretty splash of colour, the darker shades are more intense. 

The link shades are perfect for the up coming spring months (that were all desperately waiting for). I keep mine in my work bag as its great for keeping my lips moisturised and giving my simple makeup look a pop of colour beaches let's face it no one can be bothered creating a fancy makeup look at half 6 in the morning, all I can think about is where my next coffee is coming from. 

You can grab these quirky, gun products from any Clinique counter or Online for £17.50 each, you'll have to be quick though as they are limited edition. 

Will you be licking up any of the shades?

Danielle x 

Things that have made me smile | week 80

This week is two weeks rolled into one, and last weekend was such a lovely chilled out weekend I felt super relaxed. I've had a pretty good week and anther great weekend full of things that have made me smile.
  1. We don't normally so much for Valentine's Day but on Tuesday my lovely finance surprised me with some gorgeous roses and chocolates from bloom & wild.
  2. Having some drinks and staying over at my mums house. Since my partner was nights this weekend me and my sister had a girly night in and a few too many wines were consumed.
  3. Having a lush bath, this one is a little strange but since moving out I don't have a bath any more  so having one with a lush bath bomb was a little treat and super relaxing.
  4. Going away for the weekend (last weekend). As a little treat me and my fiancé booked a night away at a gorgeous little hotel with a jacuzzi bath and the comfiest bed.
  5. Having the most amazing hotel. I had a huge crab and an amazing pudding. All of the meals were delicious and of course I had to try a cocktail or two. 
What have you been up to this week? 

Danielle x 

Birch box | February

I love to get my little box of beauty treats every month and I feel like Birch box have really stepped up their game with this months box. The products are all so amazing! And there's two full size products, all for £12.99 including P+P.

What's in the box? 

  1. First up is a spectrum collection, Marbleous C06 Tulip eye contour brush. This is the first full size product and usually retails at £5.99. I love this collection of makeup brushes, In Fact I have the set of face and eye brushes and use them every single day, they are so soft and amazing quality and also look great in Instagram pictures, which lets face it is always a bonus. 
  2. Pop beauty, bright up your life eyeshadow trio champagne mocha. I've had one of these palettes  in a birch box before and I was so excited to see one again. They arn't the longest lasting products but they are really pretty and blend lovely. It comes with three pretty shades, a light pink shimmery shade, a purple champagne shade and a deep berry shade. Worn together they create a beautiful smokey eye look. 
  3. Beaver professional, daily moisture conditioning spray. I've been trying to get my hair in really good condition at the moment so this product came at the perfect time. It smells incredible and is great for detangling and de-frizzing which is exactly what my hair needs. 
  4. Next up is sebamed, clear face care gel. This is used to help get rid of those pesky spots without drying your skin out. Fortunately for me I haven't had a breakout since receiving this but you can guarantee one is on the horizon, so I will defiantly be reaching for this when it arrives. 
  5. Last but not least is the second full size product. Keeome, hydration mask therapy, usually £29 for a pack of 6. I've been sat with this mask on whilst writing this as you have to leave it on for 25 minutes, great for long pamper sessions. OMG my skin feels so hydrated, like I've just drank a gallon of water. This is perfect if you suffer from dry skin. 
I've been so impressed with this months Birchbox and my favourites are the eyeshadow brush and this face mask.

What do you think to this months box? 
Danielle x 

Too faced sweet peach palette

The sweetest palette is back and with it are some brand new peachy products. When the sweet peach palette was first released it sold out so quickly I couldn't get my hands on it. This time I wasn't taking any chances. 

First of all we have to talk about that packaging! How cute, an ombré pink tin covered in sweet little peaches and a large one jut for good measure. The tin opens with a magnetic fasten and reveals a small mirror with a cute little peach at the bottom with the words sweet peach. 
The base of the tin holds 18 gorgeous peach scented shades, that's right peach scented! The shades start light with white, creams and pinks and get darker with browns, greens and purples. With such an eray of shades it is a perfect palette for experimenting and creating new looks. And that's exactly what I've been doing, I don't think I've used any other palette since purchasing this one! It has a mix of shimmers and mattes and the blend beautifully together. I know I'm going to love this palette even more when the spring months arrive as those pinks will look so pretty. The shades are really pigmented, the white is perfect for brightening the inner corner of the eyes. 

Along with the relaunch of the palette too faced have brought out a whole range of peachy products including, peach oil lip gloss, peach blush and sweet peach glow palette, there's plenty to hit that sweet spot. I'm dying to get my hands on the sweet peach glow palette.
Will you be getting in on any of the peachy goodness! 
Danielle x 

Things that have made me smile | week 79

I've had a little break from blogging and social media whilst my life has been a little busy. I've moved from my little, much loved bungalow to living at my fiancé's mum. The beginning of this year wasn't a great one for me and my fiancé, he lost his job so we couldn't afford bills so moving out was the only option. Who knew we had so many things in that little, one bed bungalow? The past few weeks have been filled with packing, finding storage places for most of our things, decorating our new room and moving. A little stressful but all worth it in the end, we are now happily settled, my fiancé is back in work and we are ready to save for a mortgage (after a couple of splurges of course). 

Things that have made me smile | 
  1. Purchasing a few new items of clothing. When moving out I had to be extremely brutal with my clothes and get rid of absolutely everything that didn't fit or I just didn't wear as wardrobe space is a lot more limited now. That being said it made me realise my wardrobe needed a little update anyway, so out with the old and in with the new, I picked up a gorgeous pair of boots from Topshop.
  2. Receiving my monthly subscription box's. I've now signed back up to birchbox and loved what was inside this months box (a post will be up this week) it included a makeup brush from spectrum collections Marbleous collection which I already have a lot of the collection so it fitted in perfectly. A new box i signed up to this week is treatbox, which contains a variety of things including, sweets, prints and homeware. I loved everything that was inside and look forward to sharing it with you.
  3. Going out for tea and a couple of drinks with my friend. My partners new job includes him working two night shifts a week, although it's not ideal it is the prefect excuse for me to go out with my friends, eat nice food and have a couple of drinks. 
  4. Having lunch and a latte at costa. Being a coffee lover Costa is one of my favourite places to be, get me a gingerbread latte and a cheese and ham toastie and I'll be happy. It was nice to sit with my fiancé with no phones in our hands just enjoying our coffee and lunch and eachother's company (a bit sickly I know, but we don't have much of our own space now so it was nice).
  5. Although this was last Sunday, I'm still going to throw this one in as its not very often I win much. But winning £100 at bingo certainly but a big old smile on my face. I didn't last very long but it got us a takeaway and a few treats. 
I hope you have had a lovely week, let me know one thing that has made you smile in the comments.

Danielle x 

Things that have made me smile | week 78

Bath bomb | Over and over
Things that have made me smile | 

  1. Having a surprise early finish at work on Friday, the struggle is real on late week.
  2. Painting our new room, well I mainly watched and sang whilst liam painted but it was still fun.
  3. My mums birthday present arriving, I love being able to treat my mum to lovely gifts.
  4. Having a little pamper night, my skin has decided to have a little breakout so putting a facemask on felt lovely.
  5. Enjoying a bottle of wine, by now we all know I enjoy a glass of wine or two.
I hope you have all had a lovely week.
Danielle x

MAC Caitlyn Jenner

This month MAC have teamed up with the inspiring Caitlyn Jenner to give us a gorgeous range of luxury makeup.

'Caitlyn Jenner's collection continues her mission of sharing her transition with the works, championing All Ages, All Races and All Sexes. Elegant, classic shades for lips, eyes and checks are beautifully suited for those who embrace life in whatever form they choose.' 

MAC's usual matte black packaging has been given a gorgeous gold upgrade. The packaging is so pretty and makes the products feel even more special. From the collection I picked up a lipstick, eyeshadow and powder. 

There are three shades of lipstick all having a creme sheen finish and one shade is an online exclusive. I picked up the shade Rock it! A gorgeous midtone beige perfect for a soft day time look or to team with a bold eye look to Rick the evening. 

MAC eyeshadow was a first for me and after trying it out I can safely say it will be the first of many. It is highly pigmented, applies lovely and blends like a dream. There are three shades available in the Caitlyn Jenner collection each with a veluxe pearl or velvet finish. I choose the shade Worthy, a gorgeous deep purple shade that goes perfectly with my green eyes. 

The final product I added to my basket was the Mineralised skin finish natural powder. I've been aft a new powder for a while and I just couldn't resist it in this packaging. There is only one shade in this collection called compassion, a cool brown shade which suites a lot of skin tones. This powder gives a satin finish and can be used to contour, set foundation and top up makeup throughout the day. I use it to set my foundation and keep my oily skin at bay throughout the day. 
Will you be picking up any products from the collection? 

Danielle x

Things that have made me smile | week 77

bath bomb | Ylang song bombshell
Things that have made me smile | 

After a rocky start to the year, this week things have started to look up a bit and I feel like I'm ready to grab 2017 firmly with two hands and make it a year to remember! 

  1. Purchasing some of the limited addition Caitlyn Jenner makeup for MAC. Although I did get it deliver to my old flat, oops, it's a good job I didn't move far. A blog post featured thing products that I bought will be up on my blog this week. 
  2. Having a lunch date with my fiancé, sister and dad. We enjoyed some yummy food and I did stray away from my diet, which is bad but it tasted so good.
  3. Even more treats whilst on my diet was a pizza and wine night in on Saturday. It was lovely to stay warm, have a cosy night in and binge watch Gilmore girls.
  4. You may think I'm a little sad with this one but giving my house a gold old clean made me very happy. When I'm in the mood for it I find cleaning quite relaxing and love organising things. Once it's done I light lots of candles and relax with a fresh hot coffee, and even more Gilmore girls. 
  5. Receiving my monthly birchbox again. I stopped subscribing to this when money was a little tight then I forgot to sign back up again. I love receiving my little box of beauty treats every month and will be sharing this months contents with you later this week.
And that's my list of happy things this week. I hope you have all had a good week, can you think of five things that have made you smile? 

Danielle x 

The perfect jeans

I hate jeans! I know that's a pretty strange thing to hate and a strange way to stat this post considering it's titled 'the perfect jeans'. I just find them uncomfortable and struggle to spend a full day in them and much prefer legging or trousers (or pj's but I can't get away with wearing them outside the house otherwise I would).
I've seen a lot of shops selling the 'mom' style slouchy jeans and was easily tempted by the comfortable, causal look. I picked up this pair from New look for £24.99 which is a great price for a good quality pair of jeans.

They are high rise and rest just bellow the belly button, which I usually find quite uncomfortable but as these are not skinny jeans they don't dig in and you can actually eat and breath when sitting in them. Although they are not skinny fit they still give your body shape. I love the baggy look and the rips give it that little bit of edge, to continue with the comfy vibes I styled them with a vibrant orange/yellow Slogan sweatshirt. To give it a bit of class I worse a classic pair of black boots with a slight heel, which is perfect for me as I'm pretty short. I love these jeans and will be sitting comfortably in them throughout most of January.

What is your favourite style of jeans? 

Danielle x 

Getting those brows in shape

Brow's are beginning to take over and Benefit have you covered to get your brows in shape. Not only do they offer the service to wax and tine the, (like brow gods) they have a whole range of amazing products to keep them looking perfect between wax's.
Benefits defined and refined brow's kit is perfect for keeping your brows selfie ready. It contains 3 brow products and a mapping tool to help line up, mark out and shape your brows. You can get there in 3 simple steps. 
  1. Use bravo as a primer and enhance and extend the wear of your brow product.
  2. Map out your brow shape with the mapping tool and fill in those brows with precisely my brow pencil.
  3. Finish with blending in high brow pencil under the brow bone to tidy them up and highlight the brows.
And your done!
The set comes with a handy, helpful leaflet to give you all the information you need and tips to use each product.

Just click this Link, select your shade and your 1 step closer to amazing brows! 

Danielle x 

Things that have made me smile | week 76

Bubble bar | The comforter
Things that have made me smile |

The festivities are over a new year has begun, it's time to put down the junk food and get back to reality. I'm now back at work and back into the swing of the daily household chores but I've really tried to start the year of on a positive note, so here is what has made me smile this week.

  1. Ordering a couple of tops from new look, one of which was an absolute bargain at £3 and the other will be featured on a post this week.
  2. Having my fiancé cook all of the meals this week. It's been lovely to come home from a late shift and have my tea cooked and ready for me.
  3. Purchasing a unicorn onesie, it's super soft and super cute perfect for the chilly evenings and movie weekends.
  4. Starting a new series on Netflix, although it's an old programme it's new to me. Gilmore girls is great and I'm excited to have something to watch on the chilly evenings.
  5. Having a chilled stay at home Saturday in said inside watching said to series hiding from the cold.
I hope you've all had a fantastic first week of the year.

Danielle x

5 things I want to do in January

It's the first month of the year, a fresh start and all that. A lot of people don't really like January as Christmas is over (I am sad about that) it's drama dm cold and just not a lot is going on. I don't really mind January, for me it's a month for getting organised, makeing plans for the year and getting cosy on the sofa watching lots of movies. Here are 5 things that I won't to do in January to give my year the best start. 

1) De clutter and organise.
I'm a firm believer in tidy house, tidy mind and there's nothing more frustrating than trying to get on with somthing but you can't find the things you need. I won't to be really brutal and just get rid of the things that I don't use, wear or need, then organise everything in a way that's appealing to the eye and practical to find things.

2) Read.
I have quite a selection of books filling up my shelves now but I just don't read them as much as I would like to. We all let life get in the way some times or just make excuses but I really won't to take that little bit of time for me and just sit for half an hour with a hot cup of coffee and read.

3) Work on me.
Last year I lost a lot of body confidence and I really won't to work on getting that back and getting a little healthier at the same time. I also want to take the time to pamper myself and look after my skin, hair and nails. Put on a hair mask once in a while, sit a do my nails and make sure I stick to my full skin care routine morning and night. 

4) Cook more.
When I moved out 2 and half years a go I couldn't really cook a thing, unless a cheese toastie counts as cooking. Of course if I wanted to eat I had to learn and I did, I can cook some meals but I always find myself eating the same things. I want to try out new, exciting recipes and really cook from scratch. There will probably be a few burnt meals along the way, but I will get there. 

5) Travel.
I would love to take some time out to just go traveling but financially I'm not in a position to do that at the moment (damn bills) but I really want to plan a trip some where. Going to Iceland to see the northern lights and visit the blue lagoon is a little dream of mine. But even if it's a small trip in this country I want to plan one. 

And there we have it 5 things I won't to do in Januray. Will I do them all? Probably not but I can try. What things would you like to do on Januray to give your year the best start? 

Danielle x