5 things I want to do in January

It's the first month of the year, a fresh start and all that. A lot of people don't really like January as Christmas is over (I am sad about that) it's drama dm cold and just not a lot is going on. I don't really mind January, for me it's a month for getting organised, makeing plans for the year and getting cosy on the sofa watching lots of movies. Here are 5 things that I won't to do in January to give my year the best start. 

1) De clutter and organise.
I'm a firm believer in tidy house, tidy mind and there's nothing more frustrating than trying to get on with somthing but you can't find the things you need. I won't to be really brutal and just get rid of the things that I don't use, wear or need, then organise everything in a way that's appealing to the eye and practical to find things.

2) Read.
I have quite a selection of books filling up my shelves now but I just don't read them as much as I would like to. We all let life get in the way some times or just make excuses but I really won't to take that little bit of time for me and just sit for half an hour with a hot cup of coffee and read.

3) Work on me.
Last year I lost a lot of body confidence and I really won't to work on getting that back and getting a little healthier at the same time. I also want to take the time to pamper myself and look after my skin, hair and nails. Put on a hair mask once in a while, sit a do my nails and make sure I stick to my full skin care routine morning and night. 

4) Cook more.
When I moved out 2 and half years a go I couldn't really cook a thing, unless a cheese toastie counts as cooking. Of course if I wanted to eat I had to learn and I did, I can cook some meals but I always find myself eating the same things. I want to try out new, exciting recipes and really cook from scratch. There will probably be a few burnt meals along the way, but I will get there. 

5) Travel.
I would love to take some time out to just go traveling but financially I'm not in a position to do that at the moment (damn bills) but I really want to plan a trip some where. Going to Iceland to see the northern lights and visit the blue lagoon is a little dream of mine. But even if it's a small trip in this country I want to plan one. 

And there we have it 5 things I won't to do in Januray. Will I do them all? Probably not but I can try. What things would you like to do on Januray to give your year the best start? 

Danielle x

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  1. Working on myself is deffo on my list! That's the one thing this year is about for me and I'm planning on focusing on it so much xx