New year, new start

Every year we all make these new exciting plans and resolutions to start the new year with, even though most of them we give up on before we've even made it through January. This year I vow to make one New Years resolution and stick to it . . . 'To be more organised!' 
Sure I'm also doing the whole healthy eating, exercise and drink more water thing, but I start that every Monday so I feel like that's something I'm constantly working on. Being more organised and planned with my day to day life makes it a lot more stress free. The feelunique beauty diary is the perfect organisation companion especially for all you beauty lovers out their. It has all the important bits in there that you need with lots of cute little extras. It makes it all that bit more fun to write in and want to carry around in your handbag. 
The plain peach exterior with 2017 embossed in rose gold gives it a smart, sophisticated look, making you look and feel like you are ready to rule the world. When you open it up the fun starts, if pretty pastel shades are your thing them the coloured tabs and pretty fonts will make you fall in love with this diary. 
Each month starts with a little inspirational quote or saying to help give you the right start to the month. It has all those beauty dates and holidays in, so we won't forget when national bubble bath day is. There's space for your beauty lust list, travel essentials and even help to keep your finances in check. What more could more could you need? How about a little pouch at the back filled with the cutest stickers to use throughout your diary to make it even more cute and fun! 
You can pick up this diary from Feelunique and it is currently half price at just £7.50! 

Do you have any New Years resolutions or goals? 

Danielle x 

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