Things that have made me smile | week 77

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Things that have made me smile | 

After a rocky start to the year, this week things have started to look up a bit and I feel like I'm ready to grab 2017 firmly with two hands and make it a year to remember! 

  1. Purchasing some of the limited addition Caitlyn Jenner makeup for MAC. Although I did get it deliver to my old flat, oops, it's a good job I didn't move far. A blog post featured thing products that I bought will be up on my blog this week. 
  2. Having a lunch date with my fiancé, sister and dad. We enjoyed some yummy food and I did stray away from my diet, which is bad but it tasted so good.
  3. Even more treats whilst on my diet was a pizza and wine night in on Saturday. It was lovely to stay warm, have a cosy night in and binge watch Gilmore girls.
  4. You may think I'm a little sad with this one but giving my house a gold old clean made me very happy. When I'm in the mood for it I find cleaning quite relaxing and love organising things. Once it's done I light lots of candles and relax with a fresh hot coffee, and even more Gilmore girls. 
  5. Receiving my monthly birchbox again. I stopped subscribing to this when money was a little tight then I forgot to sign back up again. I love receiving my little box of beauty treats every month and will be sharing this months contents with you later this week.
And that's my list of happy things this week. I hope you have all had a good week, can you think of five things that have made you smile? 

Danielle x 

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