Things that have made me smile | week 79

I've had a little break from blogging and social media whilst my life has been a little busy. I've moved from my little, much loved bungalow to living at my fiancé's mum. The beginning of this year wasn't a great one for me and my fiancé, he lost his job so we couldn't afford bills so moving out was the only option. Who knew we had so many things in that little, one bed bungalow? The past few weeks have been filled with packing, finding storage places for most of our things, decorating our new room and moving. A little stressful but all worth it in the end, we are now happily settled, my fiancé is back in work and we are ready to save for a mortgage (after a couple of splurges of course). 

Things that have made me smile | 
  1. Purchasing a few new items of clothing. When moving out I had to be extremely brutal with my clothes and get rid of absolutely everything that didn't fit or I just didn't wear as wardrobe space is a lot more limited now. That being said it made me realise my wardrobe needed a little update anyway, so out with the old and in with the new, I picked up a gorgeous pair of boots from Topshop.
  2. Receiving my monthly subscription box's. I've now signed back up to birchbox and loved what was inside this months box (a post will be up this week) it included a makeup brush from spectrum collections Marbleous collection which I already have a lot of the collection so it fitted in perfectly. A new box i signed up to this week is treatbox, which contains a variety of things including, sweets, prints and homeware. I loved everything that was inside and look forward to sharing it with you.
  3. Going out for tea and a couple of drinks with my friend. My partners new job includes him working two night shifts a week, although it's not ideal it is the prefect excuse for me to go out with my friends, eat nice food and have a couple of drinks. 
  4. Having lunch and a latte at costa. Being a coffee lover Costa is one of my favourite places to be, get me a gingerbread latte and a cheese and ham toastie and I'll be happy. It was nice to sit with my fiancé with no phones in our hands just enjoying our coffee and lunch and eachother's company (a bit sickly I know, but we don't have much of our own space now so it was nice).
  5. Although this was last Sunday, I'm still going to throw this one in as its not very often I win much. But winning £100 at bingo certainly but a big old smile on my face. I didn't last very long but it got us a takeaway and a few treats. 
I hope you have had a lovely week, let me know one thing that has made you smile in the comments.

Danielle x 

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