Things that have made me smile | week 80

This week is two weeks rolled into one, and last weekend was such a lovely chilled out weekend I felt super relaxed. I've had a pretty good week and anther great weekend full of things that have made me smile.
  1. We don't normally so much for Valentine's Day but on Tuesday my lovely finance surprised me with some gorgeous roses and chocolates from bloom & wild.
  2. Having some drinks and staying over at my mums house. Since my partner was nights this weekend me and my sister had a girly night in and a few too many wines were consumed.
  3. Having a lush bath, this one is a little strange but since moving out I don't have a bath any more  so having one with a lush bath bomb was a little treat and super relaxing.
  4. Going away for the weekend (last weekend). As a little treat me and my fiancé booked a night away at a gorgeous little hotel with a jacuzzi bath and the comfiest bed.
  5. Having the most amazing hotel. I had a huge crab and an amazing pudding. All of the meals were delicious and of course I had to try a cocktail or two. 
What have you been up to this week? 

Danielle x 

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