Things that have made me smile | week 81

It's been a busy old week again, full of work, fun and laughter. We've had a couple of sunny days and the daffodils are popping up everywhere, Spring is creeping up on us but were not quiet there yet. I love seeing the flowers everywhere they always put a little smile on my face. 

Other things that have made me smile . . .

1// Going to Aqua Zumba fitness class, I know I know I start a diet every Monday and never stick to it but I'm holding throwing in a little exercise will help keep that Monday motivation. The class is actually pretty fun too, silly moves that no one can see you mess up (believe me I mess up a lot) because your under the water. 

2// Pub quiz, this is the second time we've been now and our knowledge has not improved, we came last but we had fun getting to last place, and so,e points are better than none right? 

3// Doing a little shopping, I bought Ed Sheeran's new albums on vinyl and can we just all take a minute to appreciate how amazing it is!! There's not a single song on there that I don't LOVE! 

4// Having a Saturday date night in (cheesy I know) we cooked food, drank wine (obvs) and watched a movie with popcorn, PERFECT. And all in the comfort on my pj's! 

5// Having a very slow Sunday, it's all about the lay ins, coffee and food.

I hope you all have a lovely week.

Danielle x

Too faced sweet peach glow

The makeup addiction seems to be becoming very real atm, all the new releases keep coming and every single time I get sucked in (it doesn't take a lot) but the sweet peach scent from too faced has completely stolen my heart. It started with the sweet peach eyeshadow palette (Post here) and has now continued to the Sweet peach glow palette. I mean come on it's so pretty and that scent! // I'm that crazy person always sniffing her makeup palette. //
Too faced certainly didn't skimp on the packaging, it has the same super cute peach packaging as the eyeshadow palette but it's the inside they really went to town with. The highlight and bronzer are covered in the cutest little peaches and the pretty, pink blush has a large peach with the sweet peach logo. So girly, and pretty.
I have to admit when swatched on the fingers the products show up very pigmented but when applied onto the face with a brush it isn't as pigmented but you can easily build it up making it easy to have a toned downed look or full on glazed doughnut // can you ever really have too much highlight? // the bronzer and and the blush are more for us pale beauties as they are on the lighter side but the highlight will have any skin shade sparkling. It's really pretty and will look gorgeous when that sun we've all been missing finally makes an appearance. The blush is a soft pink that gives a little hint of colour, I just lightly apply it to the apple of my cheeks and I'm all good to go. I'm always looking for that sun kissed glow, a light dusting of the bronzer and I've been been on holiday for a week. // I wish I just burn in the sun // but it does give a lovely natural sun kissed glow. 
If you have lighter toned skin I would defiantly recommend this palette, it brightens the face beautifully but looks so natural. I would still give it a go if you have darker skin but it may take a little experimenting. // If you do try it let me know how you get on. // 

Do you have the peach bug yet? 

Danielle x 

Benefit, they're real, big sexy lip kit

Benefit are making our lives a lot easier by combining lipliner and lipstick all in one product, just one  swipe and your done! Perfectly packaged in the classic they're real packaging and they even have minis, so cute. Lured in as I always am by the pretty packaging and anything that's says new, I picked up a set of the sweet little minis, for £25.50. I loved the thought of getting to try four shades and let's face it who ever gets to the end of a lipstick anyway? 
The pretty teardrop shop makes it so easy to apply, the liner is at the top and the lipstick at the bottom. The liner really defines the lips and the lipstick plumps them, giving that full looking pout that I try to achieve on a daily basis. 
Let's get down to the nitty gritty, the shades! Four Spring worthy shades to brighten up this dreary winter. We have || Flame Game = An orangey//red shade || Pink thrills = A pretty pink perfect for Spring || Revved-up Red = A light bold red || Lusty rose = A natural pink//nude shade. 
Why not cut a little time out of your morning routine, grab a couple extra ZZZ's and rock a pretty lipstick in just one swipe? What colour would you rock? 

Danielle x 

Pretty pastle shades | OOTD

March is upon us (not sure how but we won't go into that) and I'm sooooo ready to ditch that winter coat, as pretty as it is I want a little sunshine. I love all the Spring pastel shades and not having to put on a thousand layers just to leave the house. We're getting there but we're not quite there yet, but this tesco blush pink jacket is perfect to just throw on over any Spring outfit. It's warm but not to warm that you want to rip it of the minute you step in the sun. The colour is a prefect Spring pink and lightens up any outfit.
A dress is the perfect transitional piece, you can team it with tights when there's still a chill in the air or wear it without when the sun shinning (and you've managed to shave your legs after the winter). I love the colour of this Zara stripped pastel blue dress, and the difference of length from the front to the back, perfect for short girls like me.
My pretty Palm tree cross body bag just shouts out summer, I mean it has a frikin palm tree on it if that doesn't say summer I don't know what does! It ties this outfit together perfectly and fits in with the pastel theme I seem to have going on. 
I feel in love with these Black bug ankle boots the moment I saw them, in fact at first I didn't even realise they had bugs on them I just loved the sliver detailing. The small heel gives me that little bit of height I so desperately need but they are so comfortable I can walk all day in them.
Have you started transitioning into spring yet? 

Danielle x 

A weekend away

Nothing beats a relaxing weekend away.... Not having to cook//clean//or even get dressed if you don't want to. What could be more PERFECT than a jacuzzi bath in your en suite bathroom to a room that has THE comfiest bed. Usually nights away to hotels for us a full of busy, exciting things and there's never much time for relaxing. We'd had our eye on this hotel for a while and after a busy stressful time of Liam changing jobs and is moving homes we decided we needed this relaxing weekend now more than ever. 

The hotel was decorated beautifully, the food was AMAZING, think after eight cheesecake washed down with a bright red strawberry daiquiri and the jacuzzi bath was a bubble haven. 

The Grand St Leger hotel, is the perfect place to hibernate in the jacuzzi tub until your wrinkling, and dress up all pretty to go downstairs and eat amazing food a drink pretty, fancy drinks. 

Have you stayed at any pretty places lately? 

Danielle x

Clinique, crayola chubby stick

How cute and nostalgic are the Clinique crayons chubby stick? The packaging is the cutest thing I just love how they have been designed to look just like everyone's favourite crayons. It just shows how we've gone from colouring outside the lines to perfect out makeup looks. This one is defiantly one for the makeup bag and not for your pencil case. They came in eight pretty shades ranging from nudes-pinks-purples//Browns. Although I love a matte lip these tinted balms are super nourishing and give a super pretty splash of colour, the darker shades are more intense. 

The link shades are perfect for the up coming spring months (that were all desperately waiting for). I keep mine in my work bag as its great for keeping my lips moisturised and giving my simple makeup look a pop of colour beaches let's face it no one can be bothered creating a fancy makeup look at half 6 in the morning, all I can think about is where my next coffee is coming from. 

You can grab these quirky, gun products from any Clinique counter or Online for £17.50 each, you'll have to be quick though as they are limited edition. 

Will you be licking up any of the shades?

Danielle x