A weekend away

Nothing beats a relaxing weekend away.... Not having to cook//clean//or even get dressed if you don't want to. What could be more PERFECT than a jacuzzi bath in your en suite bathroom to a room that has THE comfiest bed. Usually nights away to hotels for us a full of busy, exciting things and there's never much time for relaxing. We'd had our eye on this hotel for a while and after a busy stressful time of Liam changing jobs and is moving homes we decided we needed this relaxing weekend now more than ever. 

The hotel was decorated beautifully, the food was AMAZING, think after eight cheesecake washed down with a bright red strawberry daiquiri and the jacuzzi bath was a bubble haven. 

The Grand St Leger hotel, is the perfect place to hibernate in the jacuzzi tub until your wrinkling, and dress up all pretty to go downstairs and eat amazing food a drink pretty, fancy drinks. 

Have you stayed at any pretty places lately? 

Danielle x

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