Benefit, they're real, big sexy lip kit

Benefit are making our lives a lot easier by combining lipliner and lipstick all in one product, just one  swipe and your done! Perfectly packaged in the classic they're real packaging and they even have minis, so cute. Lured in as I always am by the pretty packaging and anything that's says new, I picked up a set of the sweet little minis, for £25.50. I loved the thought of getting to try four shades and let's face it who ever gets to the end of a lipstick anyway? 
The pretty teardrop shop makes it so easy to apply, the liner is at the top and the lipstick at the bottom. The liner really defines the lips and the lipstick plumps them, giving that full looking pout that I try to achieve on a daily basis. 
Let's get down to the nitty gritty, the shades! Four Spring worthy shades to brighten up this dreary winter. We have || Flame Game = An orangey//red shade || Pink thrills = A pretty pink perfect for Spring || Revved-up Red = A light bold red || Lusty rose = A natural pink//nude shade. 
Why not cut a little time out of your morning routine, grab a couple extra ZZZ's and rock a pretty lipstick in just one swipe? What colour would you rock? 

Danielle x 

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