Things that have made me smile | week 82

I've been a little shut off from the online world and have enjoyed a social media, work free week, yes that's right WORK FREE! A bliss 11 days off full of coffee in bed, lie ins till lunch time and lots and lots of delicious food //tomorrow marks day one of post week off detox//. 

Things that have made me smile . . .

One. . . / Going on a much needed night out. Did I drink too many cocktails? Yes. Did I stay up till the sun came up? Yes. Did I regret it all when my head was banging the next day? Of course, but those are the best nights and it felt good to let my hair down. 

Two. . . / A trip too the zoo, seeing all those cute animals is enough to put a smile on my face. The monkeys are always in appropriate but still cute. 

Three. . . / Going to flamingo land, I knew I didn't like rides but I still went anyway and yes it confirmed it I don't like rides, I don't like heights and my feet should be firmly on the ground. That being said I still had fun cycling, pooing my pants on the children's rides and nearly getting pooed on by the birds in the zoo area. 

Four. . . / Staying in bed all day and binge watching Netflix, can we just say how good 13 reasons why is and how hard it hits you in the feels. Riverdale and Girlboss are also great watches. 

Five. . . / Spending a sunny Sunday walking to a lovely little pub, eating my weight in roast dinner and chocolate fudge cake before returning home to eat the last of my Easter eggs and watch more Netflix.

And that's my week all wrapped up, it's one of the best I've had in a while. I hope you've all had a lovely week. 

Danielle x 

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